Construction Services

Experience Matters in the Construction Industry

Home repairs, renovations, and other home improvements not only create added value to your house but add comfort and safety to your home. Whether it's building a deck on to your house, or updating your windows, Donny Finelli understands that quality cannot be understated when converting your house in to a more comfortable and relaxing home to live in. See below for a f

ull list of services that are offered by Finelli Construction.

Home Remodeling Services

All small jobs - Window Replacement - Door Replacement - Additions - Custom Decks - Barns & Sheds - Interior Renovations - Trim Work - Finished Basements - Dormers - Hardwood & Tile Flooring - Roofing - Kitchens - All Home Repairs, Updates, and Renovations - Just about anything wood. Photo Gallery

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